What is the correct way of doing Namaskar ?

A. While paying obeisance to God, bring the palms together.

1. Keep the fingers loose (not straight and rigid) while joining the palms.

2. Do not leave any space between the fingers.

3. Keep the thumbs away from the fingers.

4. Let the inner portion of the palms not touch each other. Keep some space between them.

Note : The stage of awakening of bhav (spiritual emotion) is important to the seeker at the primary level. Hence, to awaken bhav, he should keep space in between the joined hands, whereas a seeker who is at the advanced level should refrain from leaving such space in between the palms to awaken the unexpressed bhav.

B. After joining the hands bow and bring the head forward.

C. While tilting the head forward, place the thumbs at the mid-brow region, that is at the point between the eyebrows and try to concentrate on the feet of the Deity. D. After that, instead of bringing the folded hands down immediately, hold them at the mid-chest region for a minute in such way that the wrists touch the chest and then bring the hands down.

Underlying Science in this action

A. The fingers should not be stiff while bringing the palms together because this will lead to a decrease in Sattva component from the vital and mental sheaths and thus increase the raja component in them. By keeping the fingers relaxed, the subtlest sattva component will get activated. With the strength of this energy, embodied souls are able to fight powerful distressing energies.

B. In the Namaskar posture, the joined fingers act as antennae to assimilate the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) or the Energy transmitted by a Deity. While joining the palms, all the fingers must touch each other because leaving space between the fingers will result in accumulation of energy in that space. This energy will be immediately transmitted in various directions; therefore the seeker’s body will lose the benefit of this potent energy.

C. About the space to be maintained between the palms : For a seeker at the primary level, it is advisable to leave space between the palms; it is not necessary for a seeker at an advanced level to leave space between the palms.

D. After joining the palms, bow a little. This posture puts pressure on the navel and activates the pancha prana (five vital energies) situated there. Activation of the pancha prana in the body makes it sensitive to accepting sattvik frequencies. This later awakens the Atma shakti (soul energy of an embodied soul). And later, bhav is awakened. This enables the body to accept in large amount the Chaitanya emitted by the Deity.

E. Touch the thumbs to the mid-brow region. This posture awakens the bhav of surrender in an embodied soul, and in turn activates the appropriate subtle frequencies of Deities from the Universe. They enter through the ‘Adnya chakra’ (sixth centre or the chakra in the spiritual energy system located in the mid-brow region in the subtle body) and settle in the corresponding space at the back of the head. This is the space where the openings to all the three spiritual channels converge; namely, the Chandra- nadi (Moon channel), the Sushumna-nadi (Central channel) and the Surya-nadi (Sun channel). Due to the movement of these subtler frequencies in this space, the Sushumna-nadi is activated. Consequently it facilitates the speedy transmission of these frequencies throughout the body, leading to purification of both the gross and subtle bodies at the same time.

F. After doing Namaskar, to completely imbibe the Chaitanya of the Deity (that has entered the hands by now), instead of bringing the folded hands down immediately, place them on the mid-chest region in such a way that the wrists touch the chest. The Anahat chakra is located at the centre of the chest. Akin to the Adnya chakra, the activity of the Anahat chakra is also to absorb the Sattva frequencies. By touching the wrists to the chest, the Anahat chakra is activated and helps in absorbing more of the Sattva component.

Effect of this Posture

By doing Namaskar in this manner, the Deity’s Chaitanya is absorbed to a greater extent by the body, as compared to other methods of doing Namaskar. This gives maximum distress to negative energies. The negative energies that have manifested in a person are unable to touch their thumbs at the mid-brow region in Namaskar. (The negative energies are subtle. But at times they enter an individual’s body and manifest)