Bangles known as Kankan, are an important ornament for all women, married as well as spinsters. Since ancient times, there is a tradition of making bangles, from various metals, glass, conch, sealing-wax and ivory.

  • In Punjab, bangles made of ivory and in Bengal bangles made of conch have special importance.
  • In Uttar Pradesh, wearing of a red sari and red bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding is considered auspicious.
  • In states like Maharashtra, Karnataka etc., wearing of green glass bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding has special importance.

Subtle experiment regarding glass and plastic bangles : First keep glass bangles in front of you. Concentrate on them and pay attention to what you feel while looking at them for 15 seconds – good, distressed or nothing at all. Repeat the process for plastic bangles and see what you feel.  LINK  – HOW TO PERFORM A SUBTLE EXPERIMENT

Answer of subtle experiment : One feels good while looking at glass bangles. One experiences distress while looking at the plastic bangles.

3.1 Effects of plastic and glass bangles

Plastic bangles : Plastic bangles are Raja-Tamapredominant. Hence, Raja-Tamapredominant vibrations in the environment are attracted to such bangles and are absorbed by the woman who wears them. As a result, there is a possibility of the woman experiencing distress such as pressure on the head or body, fatigue etc. This explains why one feels distress while looking at plastic bangles.

Glass bangles : Glass bangles have the Sattva component, Devi Principle and Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in them. Due to these, sattvik and Chaitanyapredominant waves in the environment are attracted to the glass bangles. In addition, due to the sound generated by the glass bangles, the negative energies back off. This explains why one feels good looking at glass bangles.

It is evident from this experiment that it is more beneficial for a woman to wear glass bangles, rather than plastic bangles. Out of ignorance of this science, today many women wear plastic bangles. Fashion is also one of the reasons for this. Some women wear plastic bangles because the glass bangles break often. In doing this, they deprive themselves of the benefit that is obtained from wearing glass bangles, and harm themselves.

Plastic bangles Glass bangles
1. Sound created Frictionlike Impactlike
2. Nature of sound Raja-Tama
In the form of
3. Effect on negative
Attract negative
Drive away
negative energies
4. Awakening of
Does not occur Occurs
5. Vital energy Reduces Increases
6. Purification of the
gross body
Does not occur Occurs
7. Black covering Is generated Is destroyed
8. Protection of the
Does not happen Happens

3.2 Benefits of sound waves created by glass bangles

  • Due to the subtle weapons emitted from the sound waves of the bangles, the motor organs of the woman are protected.
  • The Sattva component of the woman’s motor organs increases.
  • A sheath of waves of Kriya-Shakti (Energy of Action) emitted by the bangles is generated around the woman’s body and she is protected from the negative energies.
  • Shakti-tattva (Divine Energy Principle) is activated in the woman and her body sheaths are purified; similarly, the premises too is purified.

Due to the movement of the bangles, the woman’s Raja component increases. This Raja component activates the Adishakti-tattva (Primal Energy Principle) in the woman’s body. The woman’s body benefits from the awakened Shakti-tattva, helping in purifying her vital body and mental body sheaths. As the waves of Adishakti spread into the atmosphere, the Raja-Tama particles in the premises disintegrate and the premises gets purified.

The subtle process of how one is protected from negative energies by wearing glass bangles is as follows :

  • Due to union of the action waves present in the bangles, they are charged with the waves of Kriya-Shakti.
  • Due to the touch of the waves of Kriya-Shakti, the Surya-nadi (Sun channel) of the woman is activated.
  • Waves of Shakti are emitted into the atmosphere from the Surya-nadi.
  • Due to the waves of Kriya-Shakti emitted by the bangles, a rapidly moving protective sheath of Raja waves is generated around the woman’s body which protects her from negative energies present in the atmosphere.

3.3 Number of bangles to be worn

The bangles are worn in each hand in a specific number. As a result, a specific Shakti is created.

Number of
Type of Shakti
3 Tarak
6 Tarak-Marak
8 Marak-Tarak
12 Marak

From this viewpoint, it is important for a woman of a particular age to wear bangles in a specific number.

Importance of girls wearing three, or less bangles : Shakti is present in young unmarried girls in an unmanifest form. They also have less amount of sanskars (impressions) in them. Vibrations of Tarak-Shakti are active in girls. By wearing three or less bangles, a slight inertia indicating sound is created in the bangles. Due to this sound, the girl gets the strength to perform a task.

Science underlying wearing of more bangles by a newly married woman : Marak (Destroyer) waves are created by the sound of the bangles worn in larger numbers by a newly married woman. With the help of these waves, the newly married woman is protected from the evil-eye and attacks of negative energies.

3.4 Various colours of bangles and their features

Vibrations of the glass bangles change according to their colour.

A. Green glass bangles : Green depicts continuous speed or pace that is Chetna, through the medium of the Kriya-Shakti .That is why trees are green. Kriya-Shakti in the Universe is attracted to the green particles in the leaves. Similar benefits are obtained by a woman who wears green bangles.

Wearing of green bangles by married women is indicative of their chastity. This is symbolic of worshipping the manifest form of Shakti with its ornaments. Waves of Devi (Female Deity) Principle are active in the green bangles. These waves are absorbed by the wrists and spread to the entire hand. Due to the sattvik component, Devi Principle and Chaitanya in the bangles, a protective sheath is created around the wrists and fingers, and they are protected from negative energies.

The subtle process occurring due to the green bangles :

  • Particles of Anand (Bliss) and Shakti spread into the body of the woman, through the bangles.


B. Red glass bangles : The Marak-tattva from the waves in the form of Kriya-Shakti of the Adishakti present in the Universe is attracted to the bangles worn by women. Due to the red colour of the bangles, there is an increase in the proportion of attraction of the Marak-tattva of the Adishakti. There are many shades of red, such as dark-red, blood-red, copper-red, brownish-red etc. Depending on every colour, there is a change in their vibrations and effects.

Green bangles
1. Trigunas (Three components)
in the bangles
Tama-Raja Raja-Sattva
2. Principle Negligible
Marak, but
3. Shakti in the
Inert and in the
form of
4. Form of Shakti Unmanifest Manifest and
5. Active Principle Inferior sagun Medium sagun
6. Function Accumulation of
vibrations of
Creation of
purity through
the vibrations

Some women wear shiny green bangles with designs on them, while some wear the ones without any designs on them. Raja-Tama-predominant vibrations are emitted by these green bangles with designs. As a result, lustful thoughts or thoughts of fame are created in the woman’s mind. Due to the golden designs on the bangles, obstacles are created in the absorption of Divine Principle in the bangles. Even in the bangles without designs, the Divine Principle is attracted only in a small proportion due to their shiny colour. It will be clear from this, that the golden designs and the shiny colour do not give the benefit of the Divine Principle. Instead of such bangles, one should wear bangles without designs on them and which have a smooth surface.

3.5 Why wearing a watch on one hand and bangles on the other is inappropriate ?

The subtle sound emitted by the watch attracts negative energies. As a result, by wearing a watch instead of bangles, there is a possibility of the woman getting distressed by negative energies.

Difference in the effects of wearing a watch and bangles on the wrists :

Wearing a watch Wearing bangles
1. Nature Raja-Tamapredominant Sattvik
2. Creation of
sound (Nad)
Distressing Full of Chaitanya
3. Attracts Negative energies Divine energy
4. Generation of
a covering
Through distressing
Through waves
full of Chaitanya
5. Effect in the
context of
Experiencing distress Protection from
negative energies
6. Effect on the
Gets polluted Gets purified

It will be clear from the above table, that wearing a watch besides producing a ticking sound which is not sattvik also attracts negative energies; therefore, it is more beneficial to wear bangles that protect the woman through the sound generated from their sattvik tinkling. Nowadays as per the need of the modern era, one can wear a wrist watch and bangles together.

3.6 Reason for the sudden cracking or breaking of bangles

Through the glass bangles, spiritual healing takes place on a woman. In this, women who are affected by negative energies have to face various kinds of distress.

  • Not feeling like wearing bangles
  • Getting fever or other physical distress upon wearing bangles
  • Despite wearing tight bangles, their slipping out by themselves
  • Bangles breaking frequently
  • Bangles breaking unexpectedly, causing injury to the hand and due to this the woman not being able to wear bangles etc.

Many women would have experienced that bangles unexpectedly develop cracks, that is, break without any reason. Mantriks (sorcerers), that is, powerful negative energies from the fourth region of Patal (Hell region) transmit black energy with great speed. This transmission is one that causes an impact. The speed creates sound. When a bangle comes into contact with this sound, it unexpectedly cracks. When a bangle breaks without any reason, it indicates a battle between powerful negative energies and the ornaments. Sometimes, when one is not even aware of the breaking of a bangle, it is due to the negative energy breaking it.

3.7 Reason for not wearing a cracked or a broken bangle, as per the spiritual science

Broken bangles create distressing vibrations that could cause an impact. There is a possibility of negative energies getting attracted to such bangles. As a result, the possibility of distress of negative energies to the woman also increases.

Spiritual experience of a seeker, when her bangles developed cracks : On 27th September 2008, a bangle in the hand of a lady-seeker broke unexpectedly. In the same manner, on 29th September 2008, one more bangle of the lady-seeker broke. The lady-seeker conducted a subtle analysis of this occurrence. She realised that due to breaking of the bangle, black energy was entering the void between the bangle and the hand. The entire bangle was charged with black energy. The black energy began to slowly flow in an upward direction into the hands and then spread to the entire body. The lady-seeker became restless. Her restlessness reduced only after removing the bangle.

From this spiritual experience of the lady-seeker, it is evident that the negative energies gain control over the mind and intellect of a woman who wears a cracked bangle. As a result, distress like experiencing restlessness, negative thoughts entering the mind etc. may take place.

3.8 Reason for negative energies attacking the bangle

When a woman wears a bangle, a kind of void is created around her wrist. Due to this void, this medium is helpful in spiritual healing through the Akash-tattva (Absolute Ether Element), that is, the healing at the Nirgun level. Waves of the Divine Principle are also attracted to the sound caused by wearing the bangles. These waves are spread into the body of the woman through the bangles. This enhances the Sattva component in a woman who wears the bangles. This increase in Sattva component is distressing for negative energies. Negative energies attack the bangles and create a situation where the woman is not able to wear bangles.

Spiritual experience related to strong desire of wearing bangles : During the Arati of Srikrushna in the morning, awareness about my own existence began to reduce. I had a strong desire to wear green bangles in both the hands. At that time, I felt good vibrations, from my shoulders to the fingers. I experienced the existence of Sri Durgadevi in the body and awareness about my own existence began to reduce. – Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni, Maharashtra

Importance of wearing bangles will be clear from the spiritual experience of Mrs. Sujata. In Hindu Dharma, wearing bangles is an important Achar (Conduct). Abiding by this Conduct, a woman gets various spiritual experiences of Shakti, Chaitanya, Anand (Bliss) etc.

3.9 Gold bangles

Various types of gold bangles are found. These traditional bangles also have special designs on them.

  • A flat gold bangle or patali. This bangle is thicker and broader as compared to glass bangles.
  • Gold bangle or Swarnakankan. Its breadth is similar to that of glass bangles. It is also known as ‘Bilwar’.
  • Toda is a little broader and rounded than a patali. A specific type of design is engraved on it.
  • Gota are thick  solid bangles without any design. They are worn at both the ends after wearing bangles.

If the design on the gold bangles is sattvik, then there are good and beneficial effects. If the design is not sattvik, then there is distress too upon wearing such bangles.

Effects of wearing a gold toda :

  • Chaitanya is activated in the toda.
  • This Chaitanya is transmitted into the body of the woman who wears the toda.
  • A spiral of Divine Energy (Shakti) is activated in the toda.

Similar subtle level effects take place upon wearing other gold bangles.

Conclusion : The wearing of bangles by women as advised by Dharma is a practice that goes a long way in increasing her vital energy and protecting her against negative energies.