While visiting places of worship and taking darshan of Deities or after meeting an elderly or a respected person our hands are automatically joined together in Namaskar. Namaskar is a Sattva predominant impression on the Hindu mind, an action that maintains the rich heritage of Hindu culture. Namaskar is a simple and beautiful act of expression of divine qualities like devotion, love, respect and humility that endows one with Divine energy.

Nowadays, perhaps due to ignorance about the Science of Spirituality or the increasing influence of the Western culture, many people shake hands.

Why is it not appropriate to shake hands ?

While practising Spirituality, our objective is to perform acts which increase our sattva component.

Nowadays we see most people greeting each other with a hand-shake. If at all they perform the action of Namaskar by joining their palms, it is done just as a formality. As the act is not based on faith, the benefit derived from it is minimal. Along with faith it is essential that every religious act be correctly performed according to the Science of Spirituality, so that it gives complete benefit. In a handshake, the raja-tama components in one person get transferred to the other, thereby lowering the others sattva component.

Understanding the Science will help in strengthening faith in the act. Such an act correctly performed with faith, will yield corresponding benefits.

How to greet a person by the act of Namaskar ?

When meeting someone of the same age-group do Namaskar by joining the fingers and placing tips of the thumbs on the Anahat-chakra (at the centre of the chest). This type of Namaskar increases the spiritual emotion of humility in the jiva (embodied soul).  Sattva frequencies from the Universe are attracted by the fingers (which act as an antenna) and are then transmitted to the entire body through the thumbs which have awakened the Anahat-chakra. This activates the soul energy of the jiva. In addition, by doing Namaskar to each other in this manner, frequencies of blessings are also transmitted.

(Ref: Sanatan’s Publication – ‘The Correct Methods of doing Namaskar’)