1.Who is a seeker ?

Ans : A seeker is a person who makes sincere efforts on a daily basis to grow spiritually. Having an intense desire for spiritual growth, a seeker on a regular basis strives to improve upon his spiritual practice quantitatively and qualitatively.

2. Why do I need to do spiritual practice when I do not have problems in life ?

Ans : Some do spiritual practice only when they suffer from problems yet others do it with the intention of seeking God.

Besides nothing is life is permanent. If we do not have problems currently it does not mean that we could not have them in the future. 35% of our life events are decided by our wilful actions and 65% are as per our destiny. We can overcome mild to moderate destiny by doing spiritual practice. We cannot escape severe destiny but can get the ability to bear it by doing spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice provides a deeper perspective into our lives and the factors that affect it. This includes the basic purpose of life, why we do the things we do, the root causes of difficulties in life, how to deal with them etc.

3. How can I start spiritual practice ?

Ans : Whichever religion or culture you come from, the three things you can do right away to begin or complement your spiritual  practice are

  • Chanting the Name of God according to the religion of your birth / Chanting the Name of your Kuladevata (Family Deity)
  • Chanting ‘Sri GurudevDatta’ for protection against ancestral problems.
  • Building your spiritual knowledge.

4. Our family does not suffer from any problems should we and our children still chant Sri Datta’s Name ?

Ans : It would still be advisable to chant Sree Datta’s Name (Sri GurudevDatta) as in today’s era it is extremely rare to not have distress due to subtle bodies of departed ancestors. In fact not doing any form of spiritual practice is itself a kind of distress. When we are engrossed and attached to worldly life we are consequently far away from God.

5. Does karma (give-and-take) with our ancestors get cleared if we chant the protective chant of Sri Gurudev Datta ?

Ans : Yes, chanting Sri Datta’s Name clears the give-and-take account with our ancestors. The mechanism of how this works is that a subtle basic sattva component is generated through the chant and passed on to the ancestor. This helps to nullify the give-and-take account between the affected person and his ancestor. The quantity and quality of our chanting will decide how much we can contribute to their onward journey.

6. Do I have to let go of my worldly life to start practising Spirituality?

Ans : Spiritual practice not only complements one’s worldly life but also enhances it, so you can begin spiritual practice along with your day-to-day living.

7. What measures can I take to overcome problems due to negative energies at a personal level ?

Ans : The best spiritual remedy is regular spiritual practice. Other spiritual remedies recommended by us are most effective when they are done together with regular spiritual practice.

Where a person who seems to be affected or possessed refuses to undertake any spiritual practice, there is very little that can be done to help them. Family members may out of emotion want to do spiritual practice on their behalf. However this is not recommended, as the spiritual ability of an average person to overcome other’s problems by doing spiritual practice on his behalf in the current era is very low. Even praying for others has at best psychological benefits. One has to be at least at the 40% spiritual level for one’s prayers to be effective for others

8. I am suffering from a serious illness can it be cured with spiritual practice ?

Ans : Upto 80% of the causes of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual realm. It is important to note that any given physical symptom could have its root cause in the physical, psychological or spiritual dimension and that they are not mutually exclusive. Most of us are unaware that in a huge majority of cases, the symptoms of our physical illnesses are caused first hand by spiritual factors alone or spiritual factors have a big hand in aggravating the existing illness or spiritual factors are responsible for the non-response to adequate treatment in many cases. Through spiritual practice we are able to gain divine spiritual energy required to combat the spiritual problem related to the illness. Spiritual remedies can also help alleviate the problem. However the extent of cure will depend on other factors like one’s destiny, quality of spiritual practice, its continuity etc.

9. Why should I not do spiritual practice as per my will ?

Ans : Just like any other field where we require an expert to guide us, in our spiritual journey too we need guidance, otherwise we could waste a lifetime going on the wrong spiritual path. Spirituality is deeply personal and each of us has to find our own individual way to realise God. However we still need an understanding of spiritual principles which will help in making choices in spiritual practice. To learn this we need to listen to others who have already walked a spiritual path based on the basic principles of Spirituality. If our desire to progress spiritually is strong, this itself will attract the appropriate guide in our life who will be able to help us progress spiritually irrespective of where we are in the world.