1.Introduction to Vibhuti (Holy ash) as a spiritual healing remedy

Vibhuti (Holy ash) derived from Sanatan udbattis (incense sticks) is an effective and handy self-help spiritual healing remedy that can be used easily to gain positive energy as well as to get relief from distress from negative energies etc.

2. How do we blow Vibhuti from Sanatan udbattis as a spiritual healing remedy ?

Take about ½ teaspoon of Vibhuti in the right palm and holding the hand close to one’s mouth, blow to disperse the Vibhuti in the surroundings.

3. How does blowing Vibhuti derived from Sanatan udbattis work ?

The Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) in the Vibhuti derived from Sanatan udbattis functions at the level of the Tej-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle). When Vibhuti is blown, it is complemented by the Vayu-tattva (Absolute Air Principle) and hence it functions at an even subtler level. This increases its efficiency. Hence it is able to destroy the black energy in the atmosphere as well as the black energy centres created in the atmosphere.

The following subtle picture shows what exactly happens in the subtle dimension when Vibhuti is blown by a person of 40% spiritual level as seen through subtle vision. As soon as the Vibhuti derived from Sanatan udbattis is blown, the positive energy in it is transmitted in all directions. If there is no negativity then the Vibhuti imparts positivity to the atmosphere in the room and the people in it. If there is any negativity, the particles of Chaitanya and Shakti (Divine energy) have a subtle fight with the black energy. This has been depicted in three stages as shown in the picture. An important point is that the positivity increases as the subtle battle intensifies as God supplies more positive energy.

3A. Effect of Vibhuti blown on a person

1. Blowing Vibhuti derived from Sanatan udbattis imparts positive energy to those without distress from negative energies.

2. In today’s era, majority of the people are distressed by negative energies. In such cases, by blowing Vibhuti, the black energy covering created by the negative energies around a person is destroyed and the person on whom Vibhuti is blown is relieved of his distress.

3. In case of people with distress due to negative energies from the 2nd region of Patal (Hell) onwards, the black energy covering created by them is pushed away but not destroyed. Hence the distress caused by their black energy is alleviated temporarily. If there is no fresh attack the relief can be sustained but if there is another attack, the distress can recur. In such cases of recurrence of distress blowing of Vibhuti needs to be repeated every half hourly till the distress disappears.

    Blowing of Vibhuti can be used as a spiritual remedy :

    • To gain positive energy
    • To relieve a person of his distress by subtle bodies of ancestors etc
    • To spiritually purify the premises.