Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. Use of Sanatan’s udbattis (incense sticks) as a spiritual healing remedy

Spiritual healing can be done with certain specific fragrances. Sanatan has produced udbattis (incense sticks) of specific fragrances. These fragrances attract specific aspects of God (Deities) and thus generate Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). This Chaitanya enhances spiritual purity and also fights negative energies.

These udbattis when lit help in purifying a person and his surroundings. They thus assist in spiritual practice such as meditation and chanting the Name of God as well as fight distressing negative energies.

Listed below are some of the fragrances prepared by Sanatan to help in spiritual healing. Each fragrance attracts a specific aspect of God or a Deity. They are :

  • Chameli (Jasmine)
  • Gulab (Rose)
  • Kewda (Fragrant Screw Pine)
  • Chandan (Sandalwood)
  • Mogra (Arabian Jasmine)
  • Khus (Vetiver)
  • Champa (Magnolia)

Depending on the need, the specific Deity or aspect of God that is attracted by the fragrance in the udbatti will display a marak (saviour form) or tarak (destroyer form). For example, if a person is doing spiritual practice such as chanting and meditation and there are little or no negative energies troubling him, then the tarak form of God will be invoked. If there are negative energies in the premises or affecting the person, mainly the marak form will be invoked to fight these negative energies.

Also the udbattis are backed by the sankalp of His Holiness Dr. Athavale a Saint of the highest order. This is the most important aspect in the udbatti that makes it a spiritual healing measure.

2. Mechanism of action of the udbattis

Since a specific fragrance in each variety of the udbattis attracts a certain aspect of God or a Deity, that aspect is accompanied by Chaitanya corresponding to that Deity. This increases the sattva and reduces the tama subtle basic component.

The following is a subtle picture of a lit udbatti produced by Sanatan as seen through sixth sense vision.

Subtle frequencies emitted from Sanatan udbatti

3. Benefit of udbatti compared with that of prayer and chanting

The above is the comparative benefit of lighting an udbatti, and prayers and chanting. However as most of us do not have the ability of praying or chanting in a way so as to invoke the God principle, as an interim measure udbattis facilitate.

Please note :

  • With regard to prayer, we are referring to prayers without worldly expectations.
  • With regard to chanting it means chanting the Name of God with concentration and bhav (spiritual emotion).

4. Effect of udbatti on people

In current times there is an increase in negative energies which impact people both at an individual level and at the level of society.

Negative energies trouble us by creating a black covering around us.

On average a person in the current era, due to lack of spiritual practice, has a black energy covering of at least 4 cm. The average person is affected mainly by departed ancestors and subtle bodies from the subtle region of Bhuvaloka and the 1st Region of Patal.

Due to this black covering, negative energies can create a number of problems in our life. These problems range from physical and psychological illnesses to marital and financial problems.

At 4 cm. of black covering, the Chaitanya from any spiritual healing remedy cannot penetrate. Therefore udbattis are perfect tools to reduce the black covering of raja-tama. By lighting udbattis the raja-tama in the environment and the person reduces by 0.001% to 0.5%.

The following subtle picture shows in actuality what happens when negative energies are exposed to lit udbattis and the Chaitanya generated from it.

Regular use of udbattis provides a continuous flow of irritation for negative energies until they finally prefer to go elsewhere.

5. Effect of udbatti on the premises

Negative energies residing in the premises affect the residents in the premises. This may lead to excessive arguments, reduced decision-making ability or ill-health. People who have a developed, active sixth sense are able to perceive subtle negative pressure building up in such premises. The fragrances emanating from Sanatan’s udbattis are very useful in combating negative subtle pressure and bringing positive vibrations into the premises.

The Chaitanya emitted by the lit udbatti moves in the upward direction in the form of a fountain. Then it comes down with speed and disintegrates the subtle basic raja–tama particles on the ground as well as in the atmosphere and destroys the negative energies. This helps in the spiritual purification of the premises.

6. Some practical tips on usage of udbattis

Please refer to the article – Practical tips on how to use Sanatan udbatti for best results in spiritual healing. (NEED TO GIVE A LINK )

7. In summary

  • Spiritual practice is the best type of spiritual healing remedy.
  • Lighting of udbatti (incense sticks) is an excellent spiritual healing remedy for those new to deep prayers or chanting. It can also be used as an adjuvant to complement prayers, chanting and other spiritual healing remedies.
  • Usage of Sanatan udbatti on a daily basis helps in purifying the premises.