Today, we live in an information age with technology such as the Internet giving us access to a great deal of information to help answer the elusive questions – how can I have peace of mind, how can I be happy? However we are often confused by the abundance of information and techniques suggested to us to gain happiness.

In the next few articles we present the spiritual research undertaken to gain lasting happiness. These articles will assist in providing a framework to capture that sustainable and superlative happiness in our lives by explaining the basic principles of Spirituality that pertain to all mankind.

The articles offer a simple and practical guide on how to apply the basic principles of Spirituality in our day-to-day life. This is not just theory; seekers across the world have experienced everything written here.

A large team of seekers having first hand experience of the benefits of the science of Spirituality and working together voluntarily as their service to humanity has compiled these articles.

What we need from you as a reader is a proactive seeking mind. We encourage you to ask questions, as this will enable you to get a deeper understanding of this subject. In addition to the theoretical knowledge given here, we will be uploading articles about the various practical aspects of the science of Spirituality periodically. It is by putting this into practice that one really gains an understanding of the science as well as the benefits therein.